The Modernized Modern Defense


The Modern Defence is not a solid opening. In fact, on some level maybe it’s not an opening at all. It’s the Wild West of chess opening theory, a safe haven for true chess lovers who are just spoiling for a fight. The structures that can result are almost unlimited in their variety and the potential for dynamic piece play is also huge. You need real passion to play it, and also the ability to work hard at the board. But it’s also played at the very top: even the names Carlsen and Kramnik occur sometimes in these pages! This book is primarily intended for players who want to play the position after 1.e4 g6 2. d4 Bg7 for Black. However, and inevitably for the computer age, there is also a strong focus on chess truth. That means there are also some recommendations for White that are not yet well-known in mainstream opening theory, and that the book has something to offer everyone.

Tapa blanda : 376 páginas

ISBN-13 : 978-9492510884

Dimensiones del producto : 16.76 x 2.29 x 23.37 cm

Editorial : Thinkers Publishing; 01 edición (22 septiembre 2020)

Idioma: : Inglés


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