How to Play Chess: And become an Evil Genius


♔ Stimulate and upgrade the brain of a budding (Evil) Genius ♕

This fun and educational book is an ideal gift for the inquisitive young person you suspect is already drawing up plans for their Space Station and Death Ray. I’m kidding of course, but they’ll enjoy and respond well to the lighthearted style and will feel that they are being privately coached to reach their potential.

You just know they’re smart enough to teach themselves chess using the colorful and often amusing illustrations in this book and will spend hours engrossed in the book. If they already know the very basics, this will be the boost they need, as it will challenge them to play more, learn new killer tactics and improve.

The book starts at a gentle pace until the basics have been mastered. Soon, they will be ready to move onto the special moves and beyond. The later chapters are given intriguing names to draw them in and make them keep reading and learning. e.g.
☞ Special Move #1 – For Your Eyes Only
☞ Special Move #2 – Secret Lair for Your King
☞ The Final Special Move – The Evil Pawn
☞ Don’t Touch That Piece!
☞ The Chess Player’s Secret Code
☞ The Fastest Checkmate in the World
☞ Killer Weapon – The Fork
☞ X-Ray Super-Weapon
☞ Finishing Your Opponent Off
☞ Your Mission – Should You Choose to Accept it

This book will take an Earthling aged from 7 upwards (with a reading slightly ahead of their years), who hasn’t even seen a chessboard, and explain the rules with clear diagrams and pointers to help their understanding and recall. After they know how to play, including the Special Moves, it will then teach them to play better. Once they have learned some suitably Evil Moves, including the ☠ X-Ray Super-Weapon ☠ then they can test themselves on puzzles that will help them to recognize winning patterns.

Tapa blanda : 97 páginas

ISBN-13 : 979-8643448105

Dimensiones del producto : 15.24 x 0.64 x 22.86 cm

Editorial : Independently published (5 mayo 2020)

ASIN : B0882PKP22

Idioma: : Inglés


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