Candidate Moves: A Grandmaster’s Method


Candidate Moves by Christian Bauer: A unique selection of games by a strong modern French Grandmaster featuring a variety of openings. Christian Bauer is one of the most original and adventurous players on the modern circuit today and the readers can hope to glean some insight as to how they can inject some freshness in their games as well. Unique to this book that I have never seen anywhere else is the examination of each game through white and black’s perspective (Bauer will analyze the whole game through white’s perspective, then reanalyze the whole game through the black lens). NM MENON GOPAL 06/2020. In his revolutionary opening books, Bauer reveals the secrets of how to play certain unknown variations. He takes an in-depth look not only at the main lines but also more offbeat tries, creating a comprehensive, ready-to-use manual for any player. Beyond any question or doubt, Christian is a top author.

Tapa blanda : 404 páginas

ISBN-13 : 978-9492510242

Dimensiones del producto : 17.02 x 1.52 x 23.37 cm

Editorial : THINKERS PUB; 01 edición (7 septiembre 2018)

Idioma: : Inglés


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